We're really pleased you want to be part of the festival! Fill in this form to tell us who you are and what you'd like to do :-)
Let's go!
What's your first name? *

Thanks for that {{answer_g6VpadfOKH8u}}. What's your last name?

Lets get the important thing out of the way- Every volunteer gets a free t-shirt. What size t-shirt would you like?

The National Festival of Making has lots of roles you can get involved with. Which of these would you most like to help out with? *

Information point helpers meet and greet the public, providing directions and information about the festival. Is this the role for you?

Workshop Helpers help deliver a range of making and craft workshops to the public. Is this the role for you?

Setup Assistants will help us make the festival happen by moving equipment, dressing venues, placing signage and helping the management team. Is this the role for you?

Artwork Invigilators discuss the heritage artworks shown at the festival with the festival audience. Is this the role for you?

The Evaluation Team helps find out what the audience thinks of our festival. Is this the role for you?

Are you a student at Blackburn College?

If you have been directed by a tutor to volunteer for the festival please write their name below.

What kind of role would you like?

Great! Lets look at your availability then. Setup takes place on Friday and Sunday. Let us know when you can help *

Great! Lets look at your availability then. Please let us know all of the times you can help *

And finally: can you commit to an afternoon training session in the week before the festival?

Thanks for that! We'd like to get to know a bit more about you now :-)

What makes you want to volunteer for the National Festival of Making?

And have you volunteered anywhere else before?

Where did you volunteer & what did you like about the experience?

Have you had any other work experience?

It might be useful for us to know but we don't need your cv!
Oh, what sort of things have you done?

What do you like doing in your spare time?

And is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Thanks for sharing all that! Just a few more questions and your application is complete!

What year were you born?

What gender are you?

What best describes your ethnicity?

Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

Please let us know what kind and if there's anything we can do to make your volunteering experience work.

Thanks so much {{answer_g6VpadfOKH8u}}. We couldn't make the festival happen without help from people like you. We'll be in touch with details soon!
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